• All business is personal or there is no soul to your business. What is most admirable about Tiffany Koury is the character and personal attention that she brings to design. She embodies an old school tradition of couture design that is about tailoring the art form of the designer to suit the canvas, or the individual who will wear her designs. Tiffany Koury brings out the best in her clients by design. If you seek a designer who will come to love and understand the essence of what you are all about, I highly recommend that you consult with this Renaissance woman. She defies and exceeds the hype. You will find yourself muttering what many of us do, which is “girl I love you. “WE LOVE YOU TIFFANY!!

    Christopher London
  • After knowing Tiffany Koury for over a decade one thing stays constant. She, like all superstars is consistently re-inventing herself and her style. She has been on the cutting edge each season and nothing but extraordinary is always the result. Aside for having a keen eye for fashion, her success and growth is undoubtedly due to her 24/7 work ethic. Tiffany Koury is one of the hardest working women in the industry today!

    Bradford Rand
    WWD Fashion Career Expo
  • Tiffany Koury is an exceptionally talented designer who makes dresses that any woman of any size can wear and feel confident, sexy and sophisticated. She understands how drape and high quality fabrics can be a woman’s best friend. Her dresses are the ones that a woman will always be glad to have in her closet.

    Tatiana Boncompagni-Hoover
    Journalist and Novelist